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Created by Margaret Haire

 New Maggie's Memories designs for 2016 available!

Happy Halloween Hank  $24 Betty Bones  $22 Cat Up a Tree Calvin  $16
Frederick Forest  $24 Kimmy's Kitty Cat  $18 Barnaby's Bowtie  $18
Joey & Jack  $21 Reindeer Vittles  $24 Ralphie & Mary Jean  $14 ea
Patty Cakes Snowball  $17 Frosty Francis  $17 Little Timmy Tannenbaum  $24
  Merry Harry Christmas  $14  
Keegan   $19 FIONA & FRIENDS  $22 LACEY LOVE  $18
RUBY & REDD  $18 each Adorea on a Valentine  $22 ROMEO ARMOR  $18


 Recreate the warmth and charm of Christmas and all the holidays from a simpler time by starting your collection of Maggie's Memories Rolled Cotton People.

Maggie's Memories are charming reproductions, recreations and originally designed pieces inspired by the beauty and craftsmanship of antique holiday decorations.

Start your collection of these charming pieces today or begin a collection for your children and grandchildren that they will cherish and remember for holidays to come!


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